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About Ningbo Lion Auto Parts Industrial Co.,Ltd. Ningbo Lion is an auto parts company established in 2005,specialized in manufacturing and exporting of Auto spare parts.After years of development,the company has created a wealth of experience in manufacture,sales and after-sales service team.Manufacturers and customers in the formation of a very high reputation. With 10 years’ history and our experiences in China’s auto parts industry,our company has six factories of Filters,Brake pads/Brake shoes,Belt,
R 26110-2S425 L 26115-2S425 OEM.NO.: R 26110-2S425 L 26115-2S425
Name : Corner Lamp
Application :
3823-24-314 OEM.NO.: 3823-24-314
Name : Contact Point
Application :
7700414986 OEM.NO.: 7700414986
Name : Stop Light Switch
Application :
3B0 857 537B OEM.NO.: 3B0 857 537B
Name : Outside Mirror Cover
Application : Bora Golf Passat
16545-96070 OEM.NO.: 16545-96070
Name : Filter
Application :
068 919 081 A OEM.NO.: 068 919 081 A
Name : Oil Pressure Switch
Application :
L 84701-76A10-5PK OEM.NO.: L 84701-76A10-5PK
Name : Door Mirror
Application :
25100-32020 25100-42000 OEM.NO.: 25100-32020 25100-42000
Name : Water Pump
Application :
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